Doctor Who Crafts

So I am on Craftsters and taking part in a Doctor Who Swap and these are some of the things I have been working on….

First I made Jammy Dodgers and I realize that they usually have strawberry jam in them but didn’t have any so I used Apricot and I think Blueberry. I got the recipe from and It was a really easy recipe and the dough was some of the easiest I have worked wit. Only thing I would change is to roll it out thinner.

I made a box that looks live River Song’s Journal to store the rest of the swap stuff in. The only thing I have left to do is add some glaze over the top. It was easy to do I did a base coat in a blue that is close to TARDIS blue and I did the page part in buttermilk. Then I drew out the design with a pencil and painted in the squares with a blue that I mixed together my self. Than I just used a black sharpie for the outline and did the same on the other side.


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